Stubby Bastard

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Stubby Bastard

The Stubby Bastard provides you with the best of both worlds, an ultra high-performance shortboard and a stubby step-down that is a great addition to any quiver.We have taken JJFs favorite high-performance shortboard, The Bastard, and squashed it down into a fun, fast, super skatey, all-wave shred sled. We chopped 3 inches off the nose, which pushed the wide point forward, added a little thickness up front and also lowered the entry rocker. Additionally, we filled in the rail to add a little more overall volume and forgiveness. All of the bottom contours (single concave throughout) remain the same.What you end up with is a fast, loose and responsive board that can fit into tight, curvy little waves, extremely well, but will still hold its speed and flow in weaker, mushy surf.

Ride this board 2-3 inches shorter, ¼ to ½ inch wider, and same thickness or 1/16 more (around the same volume or a bit more) than your regular Bastard shortboard for maximum performance and fun.

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