Alli’i GT7

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Alli’i GT7

This versatile performance noserider allows you to get vertical, spend time on the nose and rip harder than you ever have on a 9'0 or 9’5” longboard. The Ali'i GT-7 Performance Noserider Fiberglass & Carbon Fiber features a XEON pigmented fiberglass deck with carbon fiber bottom and wrapped rails.

Named Ali'i, or King in Hawaiian, this is Guy Takayama's go-to surfboard. Guy, an international champion longboard surfer, has won more surfing contests on the Ali’i than any other surfboard model. The Ali’i GT-7 features a wide, round nose with concave, flat bottom transitioning into a vee with a slight tail kick. This board is an outstanding noserider, but it doesn’t stop there. The tail pulls into a performance profile, and the rail gets progressively harder starting from about 8 inches up from the side bites, making this a super performance board that rips turns as well as it noserides.

This hyper performance longboard is designed with a custom molded blank and fused cell EPS foam core. The proprietary fiberglass stringer system offers excellent flex and twist while the 2 oz of fiberglass/epoxy resign, 6 oz of fiberglass and 2 oz of carbon fiber make this board super strong, durable, and resistant to heel dents. Including the 2-ounces of fiberglass in the blank, this surfboard deck and bottom have a combined total of 10 ounces of glass, carbon fiber, high density foam shell and lapped rails for long-lasting quality and performance.

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