NS (Nigel Semmens)
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Everyone needs a travel board, one you can rely on when the waves get a bit more serious but can also rip when its small as the waves have that bit more juice. This is to be your trusted best board for when the surf is just perfect and you are having the time of your life. The boards are mainly built for really clean perfect waves. NS Travel Boards normally have very soft concaves for speed but we also do bigger ones with panel vees in them for stabilty and a smooth ride. It depends on where you are going and what size waves you want to surf. We really like to custom build these boards as most people have specific things they like to have help with from catching more waves, handling steeper drops, or getting more tube time.These boards ride predictably and sensitively, responding well to rider inputs. They build confidence and allow you to concentrate on making the most out of the waves rather than worrying whether you can catch that overhead barrel or will the rail hold. These boards are normally custom made to suit the rider but we do occassionally do some for stock, and these are designed to handle a late drop, come cleanly off the bottom and then hold a high and tight line in the barrel, before finishing with a nice roundhouse... your classic best wave.

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